Former HC&S land on Maui sold for $262 million


Alexander & Baldwin announced an agreement for the sale of former Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company lands on Maui.  

Approximately 41,000 acres of agricultural farmland will be sold to Mahi Pono LLC.

Mahi Pono is a farming venture between Pomona Farming, LLC, a California-based agricultural group, and the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, a long-term investor and one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers. 

Mahi Pono says there are no plans to convert any of the lands to non-agricultural purposes.

“With our purchase of this fertile land, we want to help ensure that Maui’s residents can produce agricultural products for future generations,” said Ann Chin, President, Mahi Pono. “We want to expand Maui’s thriving and diversified agriculture industry. As we develop our plans, we will work closely with local stakeholders, including the agricultural community, our neighbors, government officials, civic leaders and the local community.”

“Mahi Pono is committed to sustainable agriculture,” added Chin. “We will be stewards of the land, and responsible users and protectors of Hawaiʻi’s natural resources and environment.”

All of A&B’s existing agricultural personnel will be offered positions with Mahi Pono.

Key elements of Mahi Pono’s plans include:

  • Production of high-quality, non-GMO foodstuffs for local consumption, with export potential.
  • Creation of jobs for local residents, with job training and educational programs for employees.
  • Providing land and water in an agricultural park for use by small, local farmers.
  • Providing local partners with resources such as farming expertise, farming resources and equipment, and development and farming capital.

Mahi Pono took over diversified agricultural leases, and purchased Kūlōlio Ranch and Central Maui Feedstocks, from A&B as part of this agreement.

A&B and Mahi Pono will form a joint venture to own and operate East Maui Irrigation Company.

All of A&B’s active agricultural personnel will be offered positions with Mahi Pono.

A&B and Mahi Pono also will partner in the ownership and management of East Maui Irrigation Company.

A&B started growing sugar nearly 150 years ago and ceased sugar operations in 2016.

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