Former Hawaii residents brace for Hurricane Florence


A category 1 hurricane is headed your way. You’re given orders to evacuate. You have two days to leave.
Where do you go? What do you do? Sheena Chilton, a former Hawaii resident now living in South Carolina packed up her family and went looking for sunshine to wait out the storm. 

“We all had to evacuate. My husband and our three children. We were looking around to see what place would not be affected by the storm, and we found sun-shiny Florida,” Chilton said.

Chilton is a local girl stationed in South Carolina. She said after three mandatory hurricane evacuations in three years she wanted to do something different. So they secured their home, made sure all of their important documents were safe, packed their kids up and drove the six miles to Orlando, Florida. 

“Our girls are 10, and then we had our middle daughter, she turned eight the day we had to evacuate. And we have a one-year-old. So just to make light of the situation, lets go do a little family vacation out of it,” she explained.

Even though Chilton and her husband want to make it fun for their daughters she said she’s still worried.

“My biggest concern is coming back to a home that might not be livable. We know its kind of like a bitter sweet. You get a little vacation, but you just don’t know what you’re going to come home to,” Chilton said.

Chilton said Charleston is called low country, which is not a good thing when Hurricane Florence is expected to dump inches and inches of rain.

“The biggest concern right now is (Hurricane Florence) is not coming directly into South Carolina. But us, being right there on the coast, and us being so low, and we’re prone to flooding,” Chilton explained.

Former KHON2 reporter Elyssa Arevalo, now lives Virginia Beach, which is under a tropical storm warning. She is also worried about flooding.

“Martin went and got sandbags. We have sandbags in front of our door right now and we have a hurricane kit…we’re glad we’re not in the direct path, but we’re still concerned cause flooding is an issue here cause we’re in a coastal area. But we’re just going to ride it out,” Arevalo said.

The National Weather Service said Hurricane Florence is expected make landfall Friday. Until then it’s a waiting game.

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