Looking to get into the food truck business?

Nine food trucks are currently up for sale in an online auction.

“These trucks were once at the Street Food Stadium in the Kaheka area of Waikiki (which closed last year),” explained Alicia Brandt of Oahu Auctions. “We even have a 1952 original milk delivery truck and some newer models. All various sizes, some have equipment in them, so they’re all geared for various food service purposes.”

Conditions vary. Some are road-ready while others require repairs.

“This is a rare opportunity. It’s not often that we get this many food trucks all at one time,” Brandt said. “For those who are wanting to put their dreams into motion with very minimal startup costs, this is your alternative to a brick-and-mortar restaurant with a higher startup cost.”

There is also an original 1949 Ford F1 pickup truck for sale. It was not used as a food service vehicle, but rather served as a visual centerpiece at the stadium.Click here to access the online auction.