Food stand in Shirokiya allowed to reopen after receiving red ‘closed’ placard


A food stand at Ala Moana Center was allowed to reopen Thursday, Oct. 26, after receiving a red “closed” placard from the Hawaii Department of Health’s Sanitation Branch.

Mazesoba Ono-ya is located in the Shirokiya Japan Village Walk at Ala Moana Center.

Violations were revealed during a routine inspection on Oct. 19, and a yellow “conditional pass” placard was posted at that time.

They included a worker not washing his or her hands before putting gloves on, dishes and equipment not being sanitized, and no posted consumer advisory for under-cooked foods.

According to the department’s inspection database, Mazesoba Ono-ya received the red placard on Wednesday, Oct. 25, after “the follow up inspection on 10/23/17 could not be completed due to a lack of cooperation by the owner,” and the “owner refused to sign report.”

“Interfering with or refusal to cooperate with Department of Health regulatory staff during a food safety inspection is grounds for immediate permit suspension, and the posting of a red or closed placard,” said Peter Oshiro, Sanitation Branch program manager. “Uncorrected critical food safety violations place customers at risk of food illness. Following food safety rules designed to prevent foodborne illness is an obligation for any business that profits from food service and sales.”View the inspection report here.

Inspectors returned Thursday, Oct. 26, for a follow-up inspection, observed corrections being made on site, and allowed the business to reopen.

Since DOH launched the Food Safety Placarding Program in July 2014, more than 25,000 inspections have been conducted, with more than 21,500 green “pass” placards, 4,500 “conditional pass” placards, and 5 red “closed” placards issued to date.

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