Florida woman attacked and killed by her own dog


(WESH/CNN) — Police believe a Central Florida woman was attacked and killed by her own dog.

“She’s bleeding everywhere, I don’t know. She fell over, looks like she fell over a chair.”

That’s Sonda Tyson’s daughter-in-law calling 911. At first, she doesn’t realize Tyson has been attacked by her own dog.

After the 911 dispatcher asks her if it appears that Tyson fell, the daughter-in-law says “Um, I don’t know. She has a bigger dog, so I don’t know if like her dog bit her, or I, I don’t know.”

According to the police report, a “large brindle pit bull mix dog” was in the home when rescue teams arrived.

Leesburg police said that when paramedics tried to work on the victim on the back porch of the home, the dog was still nearby and acting viciously and was covered with blood.

And so police were called in to euthanize it. “There was absolutely a public safety concern to any and all that were on that scene,” said Lt. Joe Iozzi.

The police report went on to say that the “dog would not let EMS personnel approach the victim” and they noticed it had “blood on his coat, especially around his head and neck.”

A search team was sent into the home and the dog was found and fatally shot, but it was too late to save Tyson.

Animal services is examining the dog, which the woman owned since it was a puppy, to see if it had some illness that may have triggered the attack.

Animal control records show the dog had been responsible for prior attacks — in 2008, the dog attacked a woman riding a bike, and in 2012, the dog bit a child on the face.

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