Big changes are coming to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.  

Wednesday the state provided a first look at plans to transform the old commuter terminal.  

The Mauka Concourse takes the place of the terminal last used by Mokulele airlines and its parking lot. The new two-story facility will connect to the Inter-island terminal. 

It will have additional TSA checkpoints, new boarding areas and additional gates. There will be room for 11 narrow body planes or 6 wide body planes.”

“During the peak period between 10 and 2 pm everyday, if you were to take a bird’s eye view of our airport, almost every gate is taken,” said Ross Higashi, Deputy Director Airports Division. “So adding 11 narrow body gates to our system would definitely help the capacity issues that we face.” 

The $220 million project will also include airfield work that includes widening taxilanes, adding fuel pits and installing a jet blast fence. The funds came from airport fees and airline revenue.

“This project is more than an investment in infrastructure, it’s an investment in the future of Hawaii,” said Governor David Ige.

The project is expected to be completed in 2020.