Federal transit agency to assist city with development around rail stations

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The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced Monday that it has selected the City and County of Honolulu as one of nine cities to receive technical assistance to encourage development around their transit system.

Honolulu’s selection is part of the FTA’s nationwide transit-oriented development (TOD) initiative. The technical assistance ranges from in-depth, multi-day visits, to one-day, targeted workshops. It will include assisting with economic development near transit through effective zoning and land use, as well as expert advice on preserving affordable housing and securing advantageous commercial development.

“FTA’s technical assistance will help the city and our partners to develop effective strategies and incentives for equitable development along the rail corridor,” said Harrison Rue, the city’s Community Building and TOD Administrator. “It will help us address the need for more affordable and workforce housing, help preserve small businesses, and make sure that development helps improve the neighborhoods around the rail stations.”

FTA senior advisor Carolyn Flowers said the initiative program helps create stronger neighborhoods around transit systems.

“We all know that an ideal place to develop – or re-develop – is near a transit station,” Flowers said. “This initiative encourages these cities to get the most value out of their investment dollars by capitalizing on the access that transit provides.”

The FTA’s technical assistance initiative is a four-year project that focuses on supporting the efforts of local communities to build compact, mixed-use, equitable development around transit stations.

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