The FBI is now involved in a two-year-old missing persons case and is offering a $20,000 reward.

Investigators say foul play might be involved in the disappearance of Jonathan Fraser, and that they have persons of interest or possible suspects.

It brings hope to his girlfriend who’s still looking for answers to what happened to him. She’d at least like to be able to explain it to their son, who was born after Fraser disappeared.

“We deserve to know what happened. We deserve to know where Jon is,” said Ashley Wong, Fraser’s girlfriend.

She says she last saw Fraser when she left their Hawaii Kai apartment on July 30, 2016, and never saw him again. They found his car on Kuliouou Road eight days later. 

Wong says Fraser didn’t know anybody who lives in that neighborhood, so she couldn’t think of a logical reason why his car would wind up there.

She says it’s possible that Fraser was still feeling the effects of the car crash that happened months before he disappeared. He and his best friend were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. His friend died months later.

“Mentally, he didn’t recover. He would go to the vape shop everyday because that’s where he last saw his best friend,” Wong said.

“Is that part of the investigation that could help with this case?” KHON2 asked.
“The FBI is not ruling anything off the table at this point. We’re gonna be pursuing all logical leads,” said Special Agent Arnold Laanui of the FBI.

The FBI says they are not ruling out foul play and that there are persons of interest in the case. While Honolulu Police normally investigates missing persons cases, Special Agent Laanui says the persons of interest could fall under FBI jurisdiction. As to why the reward is being offered now? He says the timing is right.

“The fact that we have at this moment chosen to give the reward is gonna be significant in us dislodging the type of facts and information that we’re looking for from the public,” said Laanui.

“We’d like an answer, we would just like a concrete answer and that way, we can put it to rest and our family can take care of what’s left of him,” said Wong.

Laanui adds that the FBI is pursuing different leads. Anyone with information is asked to contact the agency at (808) 566-4300 or contact them at