A retired Honolulu police major and a current Honolulu Police Department officer are in federal custody.

They were arrested by the FBI Sunday.

Both received target letters from the federal government last year in connection with the alleged corruption investigation into former police chief Louis Kealoha and his wife, Katherine, a deputy prosecutor.

This comes just two days before a federal grand jury is set to expire after convening for two years without an indictment.

FBI Special Agent Arnold Laanui confirmed the arrests of retired major Gordon Shiraishi and current officer Bobby Nguyen on Sunday.

Shiraishi has been accused of felony obstruction (Title 18, U.S.C., Section 1512(c)) and Nguyen is accused of felony conspiracy. (Title 18, U.S.C., Section 371).

Click here to view the indictment for Shiraishi.Click here to view the indictment for Nguyen.

In the documents, KHON2 has confirmed the following “co-conspirators” have been identified as:

CC1: Katherine Kealoha

CC2: Bobby Nguyen

CC3: Derek Hahn

CC4: Unknown

CC5: Daniel Sellers

CC6: Louis Kealoha

We first told you four police officers, including Shiraishi and Nguyen, received target letters from the FBI months ago.

Target letters are notices from the federal government informing you that you’re a target in an investigation.

Shiraishi was given one before he retired this year.

Officers who received target letters and are still employed have been reassigned to desk duty with their police powers taken away.

This comes after former police chief Louis Kealoha and his wife were tied to an alleged mailbox theft case in 2013 that resulted in a corruption investigation involving the Honolulu Police Department.

The mailbox theft case involved Katherine Kealoha’s uncle, Gerard Puana, and resulted in a mistrial.

Louis Kealoha was also given a target letter from the FBI and agreed to take an early retirement.

Kealoha’s attorney, Myles Breiner, told our Always Investigating reporter, Gina Mangieri, that he contacted the FBI after learning about the arrests.

Officials told Breiner they did not need his clients’ cooperation regarding Sunday’s arrests.

Breiner also said Katherine Kealoha has not received a target letter.

In a statement, Louis Kealoha said:

“I am very saddened and disappointed to hear about the recent arrests of Bobby and Gordon. These two individuals are good men who have dedicated their lives to serving our Honolulu community. I know that when all of the evidence comes to light, they will be exonerated of any wrongdoing.”

We checked the federal court docket and found that neither Shiraishi nor Nguyen have been scheduled for an arraignment yet, but it could be as soon as Monday morning.

For now, they will be in custody at the federal detention center.

The FBI could not tell us if more arrests will be made.