Fans fly off store shelves as brutal humidity continues


It’s been so hot and humid lately that some stores are having to order extra fans and air conditioners just to keep the shelves stocked.

City Mill says it had to restock Wednesday morning because it sold all the fan units on display at its Nimitz Highway store.

Shannan Okinishi, the store’s marketing manager, says the company is seeing a double-digit increase in sales of fans and air conditioners compared to the same time last year.

“Our fan and AC sales have increased tremendously within the past few weeks. It’s just been so hot, and so we’ve seen customers coming in purchasing multiple fans, multiple AC units,” Okinishi said.

“I bought a fan today because my fan broke down and needed another fan. It’s so hot out here,” said said Honolulu resident Norman Chang. “It feels like Vegas, 101 degrees.”

City Mill says it placed extra orders for fans just for this season. 

Hot, sticky weather is expected to linger through Thursday afternoon.

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