Family shaken but safe after car crashes into Kaneohe restaurant


A family of seven is shaken and some hurt, but very thankful because no one was killed when a car drove through a restaurant in Kaneohe Friday night, nearly hitting the children.

While dining at Liang’s Kitchen around 8 p.m., Lopaka Kealoha and his family were sitting in the back of the restaurant when he saw the car come crashing through the front door. He said he saw the car coming but had no time to react. Before he knew it, he was pinned in between the car and the wall.

The Honolulu Fire Department said a sedan, with a couple in their 70s inside, crashed through the front doors.

Two of the Kealoha children, girls ages 2 and 9, have some bruises and cuts, but the 37-year-old Kealoha said even though he has pain in his knees and his arms, he’s grateful to be alive.

His wife Sandy, 43, couldn’t help but get emotional over what happened the previous night. “I look at my kids and it’s hard. I think I almost lost them last night.”

“All I had on my mind was I got to see my kids and my family,” Lopaka Kealoha said. “Once I knew everybody was alright, that’s when I started to tell the lady, ‘reverse the car, reverse that car, I pinned.'”

He has bandages on his leg and foot, and said he is in a lot of pain, but has no broken bones.

Right now, he is only thinking about his family. “The baby, they found her one hand length sitting down next to the back tire.”

Back at the restaurant, there’s still broken glass and skid marks on the floor. The owners of Liang’s Kitchen said their employees were also nearly injured, but they are glad the Kealohas are doing okay.

They said they don’t know how long it will be until they can reopen.

Police did not cite the driver at the scene. An investigation continues.

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