A former Hawaii woman has gone missing in Connecticut and her family fears the worst. They say she made two 911 calls but there was no response when police answered.

Her sister says they spoke with each other on the phone on Friday. She was supposed to go to work on Saturday and never made it there.

Thirty-one-year-old Perrie Mason grew up with her family in Kalihi. She worked as a court reporter at District Court until she moved to Connecticut last year. Her sister says they talk to each other three times a day and Mason seemed fine when they spoke Friday night.

“When I didn’t hear from her on Saturday, we have an in case of emergency thing where I’ve shared all my information with her, passwords, email, and she’s on the same with me,” said Vao Horlback.

She says when she checked her sister’s phone record, she learned that Mason made two 911 calls on Saturday night around 7 o’clock.

“And they both lasted less than a minute. I called the police station, they verified that contact was made. However, they couldn’t hear anything on the phone. They tried calling her back, the phone was picked up but once again they didn’t hear anything,” said Horlback.

She says Connecticut police have obtained a search warrant and searched her sister’s apartment.

“They are there with a forensics team with their gloves on and going through the trash cans and everything outside,” said Horlback.

Horlback lives in Georgia and has flown to Connecticut to take care of Mason’s two boys, ages 11 and 12. They were put in state custody and she’s trying to get them released to her.

Their brother, who lives in Hawaii, is also flying out to help. Horlback wants family and friends here to know that they’re doing everything they can to find her.

“Just sending love, aloha, and prayers. Everyone we know is in Hawaii and she was here for a year but people we talk to on a daily basis are out there. Perrie, if you’re watching this, we’re waiting for you to come home, come home safe and sound,” she said.

A FOX affiliate in Connecticut has reported that a man has been arrested in connection with the case. He has not been charged.

Friends and family have set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help with the cost. Here’s the link: