Family devastated after grandmother’s ashes stolen in Kaneohe


A trip to Oahu to scatter a loved one’s ashes has taken a devastating turn.

Now a mother and daughter from California are holding out hope that the person who stole their beach bags from inside their rental car will return a small, but priceless container.

Danielle Taylor and her mother, Michelle Woods, told KHON2 they had been planning this special trip to scatter the ashes since December, and even though they say approximately $500 worth of their stuff was stolen, all they care about is getting back the ashes.

Taylor said she also recently lost her grandfather.

“We just needed a special vacation to just get away and enjoy each other and have a good time and remember them,” Taylor said.

But that special vacation from Folsom, Calif. to Oahu turned into a nightmare when they realized someone had stolen something close to their heart.

On Thursday, they came to Haleiwa Joe’s in Kaneohe at around 7:30 p.m. after a day of hiking and shopping.

They left their car in the parking lot, ate dinner, and when they came back, someone had broken the passenger back door window and stolen some of their belongings, including those ashes.

“It’s like we are losing her again, that’s how it feels,” Woods said.

The stolen bags were handmade by Michelle, and there are no two alike. They were on the floor of the backseat and they had clothes, jewelry, shoes, money, but most importantly the ashes inside.

Taylor says she traveled to Hawaii with the ashes in the bag, and she had left them there since she arrived.

“We had to put it in a plastic clear bottle for security purposes, going through the airport and it really honestly looks like pebble sand,” she said.

“It’s a bottle, about three ounces, and it’s silver and it’s plastic,” Woods said. “You can see right through it. It has a stickers on the front from the manufacturer.”

They still plan to have a ceremony to remember the woman they love, and can only hope and pray the small plastic bottle that holds a piece of their heart will be returned. They hope someone will turn in the ashes to police.

Taylor says a few souvenirs and an iPad under the seat were left behind.

Honolulu police say they have no suspects at this time.

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