The Big Give is back to offer some joy during a year that’s seen more than its share of disasters and hardships.

Four months ago, we told you about a Hawaii family’s trip to California that took a tragic turn.

The Riveras were traveling for son Jayden’s baseball tournament when a semi-truck crashed into their SUV.

The crash killed 2-year-old Liam and mom, Kristy, had to be hospitalized.

Since then, the family, including dad, Bryson, and son, Kaleb, have been healing while always remembering little Liam.

Thanks to our friends at Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union, The Big Give is able to help a family that’s been through the toughest of times.

We caught up with the Riveras as they gathered for baseball practice at Honowai Neighborhood Park in Waipahu. They thought we were there to interview them, and had no idea we had a big surprise in store.

“For the most part, we’re doing okay. We’re staying strong as much as we can especially for these two (kids), but at the same time, we do remember Liam. We’re never going to forget him,” said Kristy Rivera. “He (Kaleb) always talks about him. In fact, he was just talking about him this morning. But as a family with the loss of our child, we’re doing pretty well because, like I said, he’s never forgotten and for me with my injuries, we’re getting there. We’re working on it.”

The Riveras had planned a trip to Disneyland, a vacation that’s now bittersweet for the family.

“We were talking about it, because we always go to Disneyland, even when he was younger, and every one of our kids has been to Disneyland and we wanted them to enjoy the experience, so we made a plan to do that,” said Bryson Rivera. “When this accident happened, I thought everything was going to go out the window, but my wife decided she wanted to go so it is a bittersweet, but he’s always in my heart. It is a constant struggle for me, but I know that he would want us to go.”

Tavel can be expensive, so Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union gifted the family with $2,500 to help them a bit this holiday season.

“It helps a lot, because my husband’s not working it’s because he has to take me to therapy three times a week so right now, he can’t go to work, and of course I’m not working so it definitely helps,” said Kristy Rivera. “We didn’t want to cancel the trip on the kids. It was supposed to be theirs, and we’re going to bring Liam on the trip. We’re bringing the urn with us, so no matter what, he’s still getting his first trip to Disneyland.

“I want to thank everyone and we’re just so grateful and so thankful that we have those people. Even this Christmas season, we’re still going to pick three angels off the tree, one for Liam,” she added.

And as promised, Mom and Dad took the entire family to Disneyland, where they were as of this story’s airing.