Fallen tree damages several cars in Makiki


Several parked cars were damaged after a tree fell in a Makiki neighborhood Tuesday.

It happened a little after 1 p.m. on Emerson Street.

The tree was so large, it fell onto vehicles that were parked on both sides of the street.

“We were just walking up the street and we thought they were cutting trees,” said Kori Nishi, who parked on Emerson street Tuesday.

When she got to her car, she realized the crews cutting the tree, were removing them from the spot she was parked in. “Then we just saw that the trees landed on all the cars,” said Nishi.

“The hood is basically smashed into the whole motor and you can’t even open it,” said Jon Mihara, who was with Nishi. “Cant even open the door.” Two other vehicles also had heavy damage.

City crews and firefighters cut the tree into pieces and cleared the road.

The city told KHON2 the tree is their responsibility.

The Department of Parks and Recreation Division of Urban Forestry has a staff of 20 and they manage over 200,000 trees on Oahu.

Depending on the species, trees are pruned on a one to two year cycle.

“Honestly it’s just a freak accident, you know cause 20 minutes before it could have been us in the car,” said Mihara.

No one was hurt.

If there’s a tree in your neighborhood that you think may pose a danger, you can call the city at 971-7151.

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