Facebook rolls out changes to video use


(CNN) — Remember when you could only post a status on Facebook? But then came pictures, and then video.

But the way you experience video on your feed is about to change.

If you look at a video now, it’s silent. You have to tap it in order to hear the sound.

But pretty soon, that’s going away. Instead, Facebook is pumping up the volume. When a video autoplays, so will the sound, and as you scroll through your feed, the sound will fade in and out.

If the thought of a loud video feed gives you a headache, there will be a way to permanently turn this feature off. It’s a simple switch in settings. Also, if your smartphone is on silent, the sound will not autoplay.

There will also be another change called “watch and scroll.” This allows you to minimize the video you’re watching so you can continue to check out other things on your feed.

Facebook says these changes will make for a richer experience — but it could also just be more annoying.

Facebook hasn’t given a timeline for when your video feed will become louder. The company says it will slowly bring the feature to its users.

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