Removal of lead contaminated soil in Kalihi delayed


The Hawaii Department of Health contacted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) earlier this year for help in addressing lead contamination in the Kalihi area.

The site is near the intersection of North King Street and Factory Street, a crumbling, abandoned street across from Bank of Hawaii.

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The agency said that Factory Street has extremely elevated concentrations of lead in surface and near-surface soils, with the highest concentrations “located adjacent to the 2003 North King Street parcels, with concentrations decreasing dramatically towards Waterhouse Street.”

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Several commercial businesses in the area “have been noted in prior investigations as potential sources of discrete lead contamination.”

The EPA stated in a news release that they will be moving back the start date due to the need to find a location to dispose of project debris and soil with lower levels of lead.

The agency will, however, cover potholes in the next month to reduce exposure to contaminated soil until the project is completed.

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