Electronic monitoring device helps authorities capture missing furlough inmate


An OCCC work furlough inmate who failed to return to the facility was quickly captured thanks to a tracking device.

Dozens of work furlough inmates are now wearing electronic monitoring devices on their ankles. That’s how Travis Massey was caught.

The Public Safety Department issued an alert for Massey Thursday afternoon because he didn’t return to OCCC when he was supposed to.

Shortly after they sent out the alert authorities found him in Waikiki and arrested him.

Massey and about 60 other inmates have electronic monitoring devices but DPS hopes to expand it to 100 inmates.

“At this time funding is there to do this and we’ll see what happens in the future with the program but it has obviously been successful in helping us with capturing this one walkaway from furlough and we hope this will be a deterrent to others who might consider the possibility of not returning after work,” said Department of Public Safety spokesperson Toni Schwartz.

Money given to DPS last year allowed the department to use electronic monitoring software.

As for who wears a tracking device, it’s based on the crime and risk.

In Massey’s case, he was serving time for burglary and unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle.

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