Egg prices spike after mainland recall


You might have to spend more money for brunch this weekend. Egg prices have gone up after a massive recall on the mainland.

We checked some stores and the price is up nearly 50% . At other places, it’s nearly double.

An egg farm in Indiana voluntarily recalled more than 200 million eggs earlier this month after it was suspected that at least some of them might have been contaminated with salmonella. The farm supplies stores all over the mainland.
With the supply drastically reduced, grocery stores and restaurants here in Hawaii say they’ve had to pay considerably more for mainland eggs. So shoppers are going through a bit of sticker shock. At some places, the price for a carton of 18 eggs has gone up from $3 to $5. 

“I was like wow how did that happen?” said Carol DeWitt, a Kalihia resident.
“Almost double?” KHON2 asked.
“Pretty much. And I’m like I’m not gonna buy that for that price. I’ll do without eggs,” she said.

“My daughter loves eggs but yeah,” said Aiea resident Kirsten Los Banos.
“So you’re not buying as much?” KHON2 asked.
“No not as much. But then again she doesn’t live at home so that helps,” she said.

At Koa Pancake House, management says their cost has gone from $42 a case to $60, up nearly 50%. They’ve seen egg prices go up before but never like this.

“That’s a big added cost. What does that mean for the customers? Do you raise the price for the customers?” KHON2 asked.
“No, we only raise the price like every other year. We don’t raise the prices when the eggs went up. The price is still the same,” store manager at Koa Pancake House.

The restaurant goes through 61 cases of eggs a week. Management says they’d rather absorb the added cost than pass it on to customers.

“If you raise the price then you’ll have no customers, they’re gonna stop coming in,” said kitchen manager George Pingol.

Store managers say they expect the price to come back down within the next few weeks. This does not affect the price of local eggs. Although local eggs usually cost more than mainland eggs.

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