East Oahu family takes gingerbread decorating to new heights


It’s quite common for families to make gingerbread houses for the holidays.

But one Aina Haina family has taken the annual tradition to new heights.

It’s a Kam family tradition to build gingerbread landmarks.

In the past, they’ve made the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

This year’s creation is the Horyu-ji Pagoda in Nara, Japan.

The gingerbread pagoda stands more than three feet tall.

“We travel a lot, so we see lots of different buildings in different countries. We don’t always build something we’ve seen, like this one, we have not seen in person, but we did go to Japan and saw the Osaka Castle, and I thought maybe an Asian structure might be fun,” said Lillian Kam.

In order to keep their creations intact, Kam’s gingerbread has no fat in it to make it hard “and that’s why we are able to build and build and make a high structure.”

The pagoda took about three days off and on to build.

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