Seven emergency evacuation shelters were activated Tuesday evening across Maui County.

As of 10:52 p.m., the shelters had the following count:

Kihei Elementary – 11
Maui High School – 30
Kalama Intermediate – 2
Hana Elementary and High School – 1
Molokai High School – 1
Lanai Elementary and High School -1
Lahaina Civic Center – 16

“There’s certainly a percentage of homeless people who have to get out of the rain, but most people are in areas that they feel are flood prone, and they don’t want to risk the possibility of being trapped in their homes,” said shelter volunteer Ed Rebella.

“We’re here to provide food first of all for the Red Cross workers. We just try to volunteer and see whatever they need, and we just try to provide water, even crayons for kids, blankets, food, whatever, just to show the love of God and just be with people and love people. That’s why we’re here,” said Tim Cruz with Kahului Nazarene Church.

The county urges people to use shelters as a last resort, and whenever possible, to stay with family or friends outside of hazard areas.

Smoking and drinking alcohol is not allowed at any of the evacuation centers or at the center parking lots. Also pets entering pet-friendly shelters still need to be in a pet carrier or cage for safety. Owners must also provide food and water for their pets.

Shelter evacuees must bring their own food, water and blankets. In case of a power outage at a shelter, please remember to also bring a flashlight or battery-operated lantern.