Dozens of charges dismissed against man accused of triple murder


After years of court hearings and mental fitness exams, a judge has granted a motion to dismiss all charges against a man who was accused of a triple murder.

In July 2006, Adam Mau, also known as Adam Mau-Goffredo, was arrested for a deadly crime spree in Tantalus.

Mau was accused of killing a taxi driver, then turning the gun on a couple taking pictures at the lookout. Police said he then tied up three people in a home and robbed them.

In June 2007, a panel of three psychologists deemed Mau fit to stand trial. However that September, the defense informed the court that the decision was reversed based on new information.

In February 2008, Mau was found unfit to stand trial and ordered into the custody of Hawaii State Hospital, where he’s been since.

This week, a judge granted a motion to dismiss all 21 charges against Mau with prejudice, which means he cannot be charged with them again.

Mau will be recommitted to the state hospital.

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