The disturbance at the Maui Community Correctional Center is now contained.

At approximately 6:26 p.m. MCCC correctional staff entered the module and brought the disturbance under control.  

Maui Police assisted.  

There were no staff or inmate injuries reported but everyone was checked out by facility medical staff as a precaution.  

Damage to the module will be assessed. 

All inmates from the module are in the process of being questioned.  

An internal investigation by the Public Safety Department  as well as criminal investigation by Maui Police are pending. 

MCCC was put on lockdown from when the disturbance began around 3pm, which is standard procedure.  

There are 94 inmates housed in the module.

“I’m very thankful the incident was not more serious,” Mayor Michael Victorino said. “Mahalo to our adult correctional officers and Maui police for getting the situation under control very quickly.”

The jail is under the jurisdiction of the state Department of Public Safety.