Department of Health issues red “Closed” placard to Paradise Supermart Fast Food & Catering on Maui


The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) Sanitation Branch has posted a red “Closed” placard at Paradise Supermart Fast Food & Catering located at 207 E. Wakea Avenue in Kahului on Maui for a rodent infestation. 

An inspection of the restaurant was conducted on August 27th due to an anonymous complaint made to the health department. A red placard has been posted at the establishment to protect public health.

During yesterday’s inspection, a DOH sanitarian and vector control inspectors observed that nearly all shelves in the market had some trace of dark-colored rat droppings, indicating recent activity. 

Rat droppings were also observed on kitchen counters, sheet pans that appeared to be in use, on speed rack equipment, and along floorboards throughout the facility. In addition to rodent infestation, several pockets of cockroaches were observed on market produce shelves.

The closure of Paradise Supermart Fast Food & Catering and the suspension of its food service permit will remain in effect until the establishment completes required actions, passes a follow-up health inspection and receives DOH approval to reopen. 

Required actions include contracting a pest control service and eradicating the rodent infestation; and deep cleaning of the establishment to remove food debris and sanitize all food contact surfaces.

A follow-up inspection is scheduled for Friday, August 30th. 

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