HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s nice to see things getting back to normal lately.

One thing nobody missed is high gas prices. But those are back too.

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Triple A says on Kauai gas prices climbed above $4 for the first time since 2018. Triple A says we’re seeing higher prices mostly because there’s more demand.

Lately, Hawaii has seen more tourists coming into the state. There’s also more people going back to work which means more commuting. Triple A says this is the kind of additional level of demand we haven’t see for a number of months. The price of oil has also gone up significantly from last year.

“Compared to last year at this time, the price of oil has doubled,” said Jeffrey Spring of Triple A.

And because of those factors we’re seeing increased prices.

According to Triple A, the average price of regular gasoline in these cities are:

  • Hilo: $3.93
  • Honolulu: $3.79
  • Kahului: $3.82
  • Lihue: $4.04

Retail Merchants of Hawaii says when fuel prices go up, you could see a trickle down effect because we’re on an island where many goods are shipped or flown in.

“As the gas prices continue, I mean if it’s for just a couple of weeks or a short amount of time, you probably won’t see the increase in cost of goods,” said Tina Yamaki of RMH. “But if it continues, yes, you’re going to see a jump in prices. It might be a few pennies. It might be $1. It all depends.”

To conserve on gasoline, the experts suggest combining errands in a longer trip rather going back and forth from home.

Take out anything you don’t need from the trunk to reduce the weight of your vehicle.