Defendant takes the stand in Kaulana Werner trial


For approximately 40 minutes, Myisha Armitage answered questions from the defense and prosecution today about what happened the night that she allegedly struck and killed Kaulana Werener on Farrington Highway.

Armitage told the defense that she had gone to dinner with her boyfriend after getting off of work that evening.

“I had a mai tai and a shot.” Armitage said.

The night of April 24th, 2016 began at a restaurant in Ko Olina, after which Armitage drove to her former place of employment in Nanakuli to retrieve a debit card.

Armitage said she next followed her friend Joshua Wakinekona’s SUV on her way home to Ewa Beach. She said she was traveling between 50-55 miles per hour.

“Right after, I switched lanes behind him and only a couple seconds after, I just blacked out,” she said.

Armitage’s details were less clear between the crash and what happened immediately after.

“I just know I heard a really loud bang and pretty much, like a second after, I just blacked out,” Armitage added.

“As soon as I came to, I pressed on the brake and it wasn’t on at all.”

She claims not to have seen Werner.

“I swear something landed on my car and he (Wakinekona) wasn’t in front of me anymore and I was freaking out.”

Armitage, who is accused of fleeing the scene, says that Wakinekona began towing her car nearly a mile down the road.

“As soon as we got on to the side of the road and got out, Josh was trying to take off the tow straps already and then a white truck pulled up to us.” she said.

Honolulu Police Department Vehicular Homicide Division Corporal Denny Santiago also testified Wednesday.

“A vehicle that was traveling at a high rate of speed, there was only evidence that one vehicle was involved that’s using the evidence recovered at the scene, the injury patterns and the vehicle itself . Only one vehicle that hit Kaulana.” said Santiago.

Armitage said she has since moved to the Big Island because she was having trouble dealing with what happened in the crash that killed Werner.

The trial will resume Thursday with a prosecution witness and closing arguments. Jury instructions and deliberations will follow.

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