Debate over planned telescope project on Mauna Kea goes national


Protests over the construction of a mega telescope on the Big Island have grown from the slopes of Mauna Kea to all over the country.

On Wednesday, dozens gathered in windward Oahu to rally against the $1.3 billion Thirty Meter Telescope.

Astronomers say the telescope will offer a glimpse back to the beginning of time, while those against it say it represents the desecration of sacred land.

“It’s not just about Mauna Kea, it’s about the big picture, the perspective should be of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, of the Hawaiian Kingdom, that’s been here forever and Mauna Kea is just one little tip of the iceberg,” said native Hawaiian demonstrator Pookela Craig-Rodenhurst.

Similar rallies happened across the state and even over in what some deemed the “9th island,” Las Vegas.

On Tuesday, the governor announced a one-week moratorium on construction to give all interested parties more time to learn and fully understand the project.

Several celebrities have also joined the fight. Jason Momoa, Nicole Scherzinger and Zoe Kravitz are just a few who took to social media to voice their opinion.

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