After a scare earlier this year, the state has unveiled a new website that allows you to easily find out whether your home is in a dam evacuation zone.

It was in September that 10,000 residents living below the Nuuanu Reservoir were warned they could have to evacuate because heavy rains were at risk of overwhelming the structure.

This new website covers the entire state.

All you have to do is put in your address and it will tell you whether you live in a dam evacuation zone and also a tsunami evacuation zone.

“Anyone who wants to check to see if they are in a county dam evacuation zone can check on this site and also view dam evacuation zone maps for specific dams around Hawai’i,” explained Edwin Matsuda, Flood Control & Dam Safety Section Head, with the DLNR Engineering Division. “DLNR oversees the state’s dam safety program and has been working closely with the counties to develop these maps in case of an incident at one of Hawai’i’s regulated dams,” Matsuda added.

Anyone who wants to see if they live in a dam evacuation zone should visit the DLNR’s Flood Hazard Assessment Tool, enter their address and view the dam evacuation zone information in the parcel report (The dam’s Inventory ID number will be indicated in the report). You can also visit the State’s Dam Inventory Management System, select a dam and open its associated County evacuation zone map by clicking on the button “evacuation map.

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