Crooked lines confuse drivers on Beretania Street


An $8 million repaving project on busy Beretania Street has some drivers shaking their heads.

Should they move to the left or over to the right to stay in their lane?

The problem: Some of the lines that mark the lanes between Piikoi and Alapai streets are not straight, or don’t line up properly; and some are more off than others.

“Would it confuse you as a driver?” KHON2 asked driver Joy Hamada.

“Maybe a little, yeah. It’s pretty bad,” she replied.

According to the contractor, Road and Highway Builders, repaving was completed about a month ago between University Avenue and Alapai Street, and the lines are only temporary.

Permanent striping is expected to be completed by July, depending on the weather.

Daniel Kaimi, who owns A One Driving School, says crooked lines are unacceptable.

“Even if it’s temporary, at least have it straight, not so far off where people are wondering where should I go left or a right,” he told KHON2. “I think it’s a little disturbing, actually.”

Kaimi says it’s not only confusing for student drivers, it can be distracting for all motorists.

“It gets confusing. Which line do you follow, the one to the left or a foot to the right? And a foot can matter hitting somebody,” he said. “Especially if you have a moped driver next to you too close and you jerk the wheel. It’s over.”

Aaron Hites, construction manager for Road and Highway Builders says striping had to be done during the paving operation, and the striping configuration is going to change because a bike lane will be added on Beretania Street.

So why aren’t the temporary lines straight?

“You try to get it as straight as you can, but we are putting on hot asphalt and sometime when we roll it, it has a tendency to move around,” Hites said. “That’s why you see it kind of curved like that at times.”

A city spokesman said sometimes the temporary striping moves inadvertently, and officials are working with the contractor to have this fixed.

Eventually the temporary striping will be replaced with permanent paint.

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