Crewmembers wanted for long-duration space simulation study


Want to be part of a program that’s out of this world?

Researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa are seeking crewmembers for a new series of NASA-funded, long-duration space exploration analog studies.

These types of studies are essential for NASA to understand how teams of astronauts will perform on long-duration space exploration missions, such as those that will be required for human travel to Mars.

The studies will also allow researchers to recommend strategies for crew composition for such missions, and to determine how best to support crews while they are working in space.

The upcoming missions will be conducted at the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) site, an isolated Mars-like environment on the slopes of Mauna Loa on Hawaii Island at approximately 8,200 feet above sea level.

Crewmember participants will live in the same modern geodesic dome habitat that successfully supported four long-duration NASA-funded studies, including a year-long study of team cohesion that garnered national media attention this year.

Key dates (subject to change)

  • Mission A: 2017 January-September (8 month mission)
  • Mission B: 2018 January-September (8 month mission)

Click here for more information, including requirements, and to access the application form.

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