Cracking the whip on helicopter tours and skydiving operations in Hawaii


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Congressman Ed Case wants to crack down on tour helicopters and skydiving operations in the Aloha State.

He plans to introduce the Safe and Quiet Skies Act when he returns to Congress in Sept.

This is in direct response to two recent fatal aircraft accidents that killed 14 people.

His measure aims to strengthen safety regulations, regulate flights over residential neighborhoods, and give states and counties the ability to come up with their own regulations.

“Just a few days ago, when I observed that particular company was overflying Honolulu at a very low altitude at 7:00 on a Saturday night. The response was “well this is a tourist island.” No, it’s not a tourist island,” said Rep. Case. “It is an island full of residents that are entitled to safety on the ground and safety in terms of the community that they live in.”

“Believe me,” said Richard Schuman of Schuman Aviation. “We don’t want to be flying up there in a dangerous situation. And the lives of these passenger that come from all over the world is def on the pilot’s mind. They have families, they have kids. So they’re not cowboy renegades and that’s just a bad image that we don’t want to have.”

Case says penalties would include monetary fines as well as the loss of license.

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