#Cover2 Overtime: Mid-season awards


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This week, DeMello, Spangler, and Coach Rich Miano give out their favorites for four of the Cover2 awards halfway through the season.

They’re talking strictly football at this point and not taking other factors into consideration.

They crew starts off with Coach of the Year.

Spangler’s pick is Rod York at Mililani. He says that York, without the stars they had in the past, have played solid and consistent football throughout the season. The Trojans have not had a down game this year including a victory over Clayton Valley on the road in California.

Miano’s pick is St. Louis Coach Cal Lee. Interestingly, Lee has not won the award because Cover2 has only been around for 5 years. The crew jokes that they may be naming the award after him in the future. St. Louis has been a solid all around team in all three phases of the game, and Miano says that’s due to Lee’s ability to get his players to play at the best of their ability.

DeMello’s pick is Eddie Klaneski at Damien. DeMello jokes that Klaneski was his favorite player as a kid. What the crew highlights is Klaneski’s ability to find ways to win even when deep in the hole. They say that being able to coach from behind and adjust to win games shows his ability as a coach. Klaneski will especially be in the running if Damien wins the division II title and has the opportunity to play for division I title.

Next up is the Manti Te’o Award for the Cover2 Defensive Player of the Year.

Miano says he has two and can’t make a decision between two players. He names St. Louis defensive tackle Faatui ‘Tui’ Tuitele and Waianae linebacker Kanai Mauga. While Miano says Tuitele pass rush puts so much pressure on the opponent’s passing game it’s hard to deny his impact in the game, he also can’t back off of Mauga’s abilities as well.

Spangler goes with the Waianae linebacker. He believe Mauga single handedly won some games for the team this season.

The crew now looks at the Tommy Kaulukukui Award for Cover2 Offensive Player of the Year.

Spangler starts off with Waipahu running back Alfred Failauga. The crew notes that a division II player has not won the award since combining the divisions, but Spangler says his play on the field is undeniable.

Miano says that if he wasn’t a sophomore he would pick Mililani quarterback Dillon Gabriel, but he’s going with St. Louis QB Chevan Cordeiro. He notes that Cordeiro has only played 14 quarters as a starter and is impressed with his ability to beat opponents with his feet as well as his throwing ability.

DeMello agreed with the pick of Cordeiro. He says that it’s wrong to compare him to previous quarterback and current Alabama player Tua Tagovailoa as they are different players. But what he sees as a key difference between their playing styles is Cordeiro’s ability to evade tackles in the pocket to extend the play.

Which brings DeMello to say should they give an award to St. Louis Quarterback Coach Vince Passas for the impressive string of great players coming out of his school. Miano thinks he should be coaching in the NFL.

Finally the Cover2 team looks at the Herman Wedemeyer Award for “Iron Man” of the Year. They all agree that there is no debate that the top of the list at this time is Pokii Adkins-Kupukaa from Campbell. He already has 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions, and he even returns kicks.

Miano says Coach Darren Johnson thinks Adkins-Kupukaa is the best sophomore in the state if not the country. Miano also says Johnson believe Adkins-Kupukaa is such a local boy that he may stay in Hawaii and the university already offered the athlete his first scholarship offer.

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