Couple robbed at gunpoint outside their home share the terrifying experience


Imagine you’re sitting in your car close to home and someone sticks a gun in your arm. That’s exactly what happened to a young couple on Waiomao Road in Palolo just after 11p.m. Monday night.

“I really truly did fear for my life,” Reese said, his voice soft and a little hesitant.

Its been less than 24 hours since he and his girlfriend Kamalei were held-up at gunpoint.

They are both still visibly shaken up and asked to be indentified by their first names only.

Kamalei said they’re also angry.

“I’m just more frustrated and furious that this happen not 50 feet from my front door.”

Kamalei said that Reese had just picked her up from work and they were sitting inside his car having dinner when they saw a guy drive by on a moped.

“He actually drove past us and made eye contact with us. We didn’t really think anything of it. He ended up driving past us and we heard him kind of park and idle. We could hear the motor of his moped still running,’ Kamalei explained.

But then he came back.

“As he drove up to my driver’s window, he pointed the gun. He jammed it into my shoulder and then demanded our things,” Reese said.

“Initially I didn’t see the gun that was brandished at my boyfriend because I was in the passenger seat. However, when my boyfriend shifted in his seat and I saw the weapon I realized we were being held up,” Kamalei said.

After the robber took their cell phones and wallet, Kamalei said he headed down Waiomao Road, toward 10th avenue and then went left toward Waialae Avenue.

HPD is looking for the suspect but because he had his face covered Reese and Kamalei aren’t sure they’ll ever catch him.

They said they wanted to share their story to warn others to be aware of their surroundings no matter how close to home they may be.

According to the Honolulu Police Department Crimemapping site, last week there was a robbery that took place less than a mile away from where Kamalei and Reese were held-up. There have also been three vehicle breaks ins, three reports of stolen cars and two burglaries in the area since last month.

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