Calls for action on a dangerous road in Kailua are finally being heard.

On Friday, we told you about a stretch of Keolu Drive where residents say there have been multiple accidents over the years.

That same day — a truck plowed into parked car, and an HPD speed monitoring trailer that was put there for the very purpose of getting people to slow down.

Residents told us something needs to change before someone is seriously injured.

A truck was left badly damaged and an HPD speed trailer was put out of commission after an accident on this portion of Keolu Drive on Friday. It’s a part of the road where a straightaway leads to a slight curve, and Jasmine Abbey, who lives on the street, told us this kind of thing isn’t out of the ordinary. “Personally we have only lived here a year. So personally we have had our car hit. Our neighbors have had their car hit. Almost everyone in I would say a three house vicinity has had their car hit at least one time.”

The area council member, Ikaika Anderson, says he’s aware of residents concerns, and has been reaching out to city officials to try and come up with a solution, as far back as last December.

Until recently, hadn’t heard back. “For whatever reason the administration didn’t get back to us for a number of months. The administration admitted they are not getting back to us. They have apologize for it, and upon my return to Honolulu this week from visiting my daughter in school I will be meeting with the administration. I already have a meeting date set for this week.”

In a statement Monday the city confirmed there is a meeting set up for later this week to discuss possible options for this section of Keolu Drive, and acknowledged it found three major traffic incidents in the area since 2014.

Jeff Sulzbach, who lives on the street says this week’s meeting will be a step in the right direction. “I think we really appreciate that there has been some action over the last week and the correspondence both for the police department and the mayors office we’ve been very appreciative. We’d like to see the momentum continue we hope they will continue to work on solving a problem and work on finding a solution.”

Anderson says he’s aware of residents frustrations, “I have seen how frustrated this residents are and again I certainly understand. If I haven’t heard back within the last eight or nine months as their elected official I can only imagine the frustration that they’re feeling.”