Controversial Ko Olina wall removed from public beach


A wall that divided a beach in Ko Olina is no more.

KHON2 started looking into the wall Tuesday after a viewer alerted us via Report It.

The wall is at the site of the former Ihilani Resort and Spa, which is under renovation and will eventually reopen as a Four Seasons resort.

It extends along the shore right up to the water line.

The landowner said the wall was temporary and there to protect the public, but the city launched an investigation, saying there was no permit on file that allows the wall to be built from the shore to the water line.

On Thursday, viewer Jamie Ares noticed workers taking the wall down.

Ko Olina Resort Association passed along the following statement from the landowner:

“Public access to the beach on the Waianae end of Ko Olina’s Kohala Lagoon 1 is being restored today following the completion of beach (removal of concrete bases in the sand) and shoreline landscaping work (removal of trees not healthy enough to be relocated) for the former Ihilani Hotel. Low profile netting will be used to temporarily designate the safety zone for continuing renovation work on the hotel property. The netting will be replaced with a construction safety fence following DPP review. Public access and safety during future landscape improvements and shoreline site work will also be determined in consultation with DPP.”

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