Controlled explosions scheduled to destroy dredged military munitions


Don’t be alarmed if you hear explosions this week.

Contractors for the U.S. Navy will be conducting controlled, intentional detonations to treat military munitions that were recovered at Pearl Harbor.

Detonations will take place on July 26, Aug. 30, and Sept. 28.

On July 26, detonations will occur from 1 to 2 p.m., and a series of popping sounds may be heard by the public. At no time will anyone be at risk, officials say.

Dredged material from Pearl Harbor is routinely collected and screened for munitions from historical events and suspected past disposal practices.

Types of munitions include, but are not limited to: 5-inch projectiles and/or cartridges, 3-inch projectiles and/or cartridges, 1.1-inch projectiles and/or cartridges, 75mm projectiles and/or cartridges, 40mm projectiles and/or cartridges, 37mm projectiles and/or cartridges, 20mm projectiles and/or cartridges, fuzes, flares, hand grenades, small arms ammunition and other military munitions.

All required engineering controls, such as trench pits and sandbag enclosures, will be used to mitigate fragmentation hazard, over-pressurization, and noise.

Exclusion zones and entry control points will be established and maintained for added safety.

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