Concerns rise after a couple’s smart-home system was hacked


(KHON2) — A couple in Milwaukee believes someone has outsmarted their smart-home system.

The couple says that hackers took control of the thermostat and an indoor camera on their Google Nest system.

The thermostat continued to go up on its own, a voice began speaking from a camera in the kitchen, and hackers played vulgar music.

They changed their password, but the problems continued.

So they had to contact their internet provider and change their network information.

They believe someone hacked into their Wi-Fi and then their ‘nest’ smart home system.

“Hopefully someone hears this and this awakens them or alerts them to this is happening,” said Lamont Westmoreland.

“People need to be educated and know that this is real and this is happening and it is super scary,” said Samantha Westmoreland.

So how can you protect your home?

Google, which owns the Nest system, says the system itself was not breached.

The company says the couple likely used a compromised password, which can be avoided by switching to a two-factor verification.

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