Concern over new type of bike sharing program prompts proposal to change bike laws


Bike sharing, it’s become a popular way to get around on Oahu.

But concerns over a new type of bike sharing program, one that has dockless bikes, has a lawmaker looking to change the law.

It’s already illegal for you to leave your bike parked on a sidewalk, but Councilman Joey Manahan wants to take it up a notch.

He wants to change the law so that bikes have to be parked in a bike rack or designated bike parking space if they’re on city property.

“Basically the concern would be if the bike program is not properly maintained and bikes are left all over the island, then it could potentially be a blight,” said Manahan. 

In Dallas, Texas, dockless bikes have become a big problem.

They’re being left all over the city like trash and now the City is playing catch-up.

The Hawaii Bicycling League tells us it’s open to new bike sharing programs coming to Oahu, but for the right reasons.

“There’s gotta be specific transportation objectives with it just the way our bikeshare system is in place now,” said Daniel Alexander of the Hawaii Bicycling League. “Bikeshare is public transportation and it needs to be managed and implemented as a public transportation where people are using it for their mobility needs. Our concern is that if you have an unmanaged, unregulated bikeshare program coming here, it would just go to where its most profitable. It’ll just end up servicing Waikiki.”

Manahan’s proposal does come with exceptions.

If there isn’t a bike rack nearby or if a bike rack is full, bike owners would not be penalized for failing to park their bikes there.

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