As if being the victim of one scam isn’t bad enough, how about being victimized a second time?

Con artists are taking advantage of those who have already been victimized.

“It’s horrible,” said Greg Dunn, Better Business Bureau Hawaii CEO. “People have already lost money to one fraudster and now they’re going to be set up to lose money again.”

Dunn says con artists are posing as someone claiming they can help victims recover money that they’ve lost. All they have to do is pay an upfront “recovery fee,” only to find they’ve lost more money to another scammer.

“Victims who have already given money to a scam artist are put on what’s called a sucker’s list. That sucker’s list then gets sold around the Internet on the dark web,” Dunn explained.

Another way Dunn says victims are discovered is through online blogs or discussion boards.

“Then a helpful Internet person will put on, ‘Oh, my company will help you get all your money back. Please contact me at this email address,'” Dunn said.

Dunn advises people not to respond to calls from strangers offering to help you in exchange for an upfront fee, and don’t give out your credit card and other personal information to callers who try to help you recover money you’ve lost.

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