Jo Koy has been making thousands laugh at his sold-out concerts at the Blaisdell, but the city made the comedian cry.

Koy sold out 11 shows as thousands snapped up tickets to see comedian in action.

The city told Koy he broke a Honolulu record for a single performer’s ticket sales at the Blaisdell with over 23-thousand sold.

Honolulu issued a proclamation that November 24, 2017 was Jo Koy Day, and it moved the comedian to tears.

“Thank you. Hoo. Alright, let’s kill it tonight. You got me crying right now. This is sick. You know who’s gonna break this record? Me! Let’s do it. I love you guys. I love Hawaii. Aw. The love you guys give me, it’s unreal. It’s original, organic, it just comes form the soul. You feel the spirit when you’re here. That’s why I love coming here,” Koy said.

For his shows at the Blaisdell, Koy tailored his jokes to Hawaii.

“This is a special night. Locals wear the good slippah. It’s date night. Where’s my good slippah?!” Koy joked.

“I just don’t want them to think I’m coming out here to do the NetFlix special. I wanted to come here and give them something they can relate to,” Koy explained to KHON2.

Koy says he’s been hustling for years to get to this point in his career, and he has a message for those with big dreams like he had.

“I never expected this! But it took me 28 years to get where I am now. 28 years,” Koy said. “You know as corny as it sounds, but when you really love something and truly believe in it, everything else falls in place. I would do this no matter if I didn’t have any specials or no one came at all. I’d still be up on stage somewhere.”