Cold temperatures and flooded roads statewide


Roads were flooded Thursday on the North Shore and portions of Windward Oahu after a long night of thunderstorms.

The rain still coming down Thursday afternoon leaving the beaches brown and messy. 

A similar scene over on Maui with heavy rain across the island.

The rain causing traffic jams in Lahaina and leaving roads in Haiku and Upcountry looking like raging rivers. 

In Hana, trees falling onto Hana Highway.  

The Hana Highway Regulation helping to clean up the mess. The group, including the National Weather Service, advising people to avoid the Road to Hana until the rain lets up. 

Lots of rain across the state. 

“Looking at the major airports across the state and they’re all reporting more than the normal amount of rainfall so far this month,” said Tom Birchard, senior forecaster at National Weather Service. 

And it’s been cold too. Temperatures reading 52 degrees in Kula this afternoon. 

“It’s been unusually cold, looking at normal [temperatures] and what we’ve seen recently, it’s been three to six degrees below normal—both highs and lows,” he said. 

Snow still visible on Haleakala on Maui, and although the Summit is still closed through Friday, it’s not stopping lifelong Maui residents from seeing the snow. 

“It was freezing, we didn’t know if we’d be able to get up there, we weren’t prepared at all it’s not like we own snow gear here,” said Maui resident Amanda Bowers. 

The NWS says this storm is similar to the storm in 2006 when it rained for 40 days in a row. 

“So we saw this in 2006, and although the pattern this year isn’t exactly the same, it’s very much similar,” said Birchard. “We’re locked into this pattern where low pressures continue to develop near the islands and right now our long-term models aren’t really indicating much change to that trend.”

The NWS says a break is on the way, but don’t get too comfortable.

“Sunday into Monday will bring a brief period of relatively calm weather and then potentially unsettled weather coming back Tuesday and Wednesday,” he said. 

And although it’s been cold, no records have been broken yet.

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