Coffee could help stimulate you to a better workout


(CNN) — A researcher is saying have some coffee before you workout.

Sports nutritionist Heidi Skolnik says caffeine’s effect as a stimulant helps push you harder when exercising. She adds the java can also help release feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine. In other words, you might actually enjoy getting sweaty.

If you go to the gym in the morning, Skolnik says, figuring in the time it takes for caffeine to get into your system, drinking coffee an hour before your workout is optimal.

Just don’t go overboard — too much caffeine can act as a laxative.

If you workout at night, however, it’s more complicated. Caffeine stays in your system for four to six hours after you consume it.

But it affects everyone differently — when it comes to sleep, you might not have any trouble at all having a cup of caffeine in the evening — but someone else might find themselves restless in bed late at night.

Possible options if it affects your sleep — try switching to drinks that pack less jolt, such as dark roast or black tea.

Skolnick says some people however might have to skip caffeine altogether or switch to morning workouts.

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