Coast Guard helps with rescue of survivors of burning fishing vessel


The Coast Guard reports that the crew of a commercial fishing vessel that caught on fire was rescued Saturday.

The 36-member crew of the Papua New Guinea-flagged 229-foot commercial purse seiner Glory Pacific No. 8 are safe following a joint rescue 2,071 miles southwest of Hawaii.

All 36 survivors were rescued by good Samaritans aboard the commercial fishing vessel Lomalo, registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, who will rendezvous with the 222-foot Papua New Guinea-flagged commercial fishing vessel Pacific Journey No.1. Their crew will take the survivors aboard and bring them to their next port of call.

Watchstanders at JRCC Honolulu received a request Saturday from the Rescue Coordination Center New Zealand staff to provide resources to effect a rescue after the Glory Pacific No. 8 reportedly caught fire in the Pacific and the full crew successfully abandoned ship into two skiffs and several life rafts.

JRCC Honolulu watchstanders launched an HC-130 Hercules aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point to make contact and assess the situation, and using the AMVER system, were able to locate the fishing vessel Lomalo who agreed to assist.

The Glory Pacific No. 8 crew had activated their emergency position indicating radio beacon alerting rescuers to their situation. Its repeating signal allowed the Hercules crew to fly directly to their location. The Hercules crew then dropped smoke flares to help vector in the Lomalo crew and also dropped water to the survivors. The Hercules crew remained on scene and maintained communication with the Lomalo crew until all 36 fishermen were rescued.

The survivors reportedly spent 10-and-a-half hours in the skiffs prior to rescue. The weather conditions were 6 to 12 mph winds with seas up to 10-feet and scattered showers.

No injuries were reported. The fishing vessel was last seen fully engulfed in flame, unmanned, unpowered and adrift. It may present a hazard to navigation and mariners are required to keep a sharp lookout to avoid collision.

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