Closures extended as severe flooding continues on Kauai


Fast-running muddy rivers. Flooded lanais from overflowing streams. Brown water nearly everywhere you turn.

It’s a sight Kauai residents were hoping they wouldn’t have to see, but what’s left of Tropical Storm Lane had other plans. The wet weather being pushed up is dumping inches of rain across the island.

“Our state highway personnel has been evaluating any loose boulders, but everything is pretty much okay there. It’s just the flooding, ponding, rising of the rivers and streams,” said Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr.

Severe flooding has extended the closure of Hanalei Elementary and the satellite school at Hanalei Colony Resort for another day. The schools will remain closed on Wednesday, Aug. 29, and will reopen on Thursday, Aug. 30, should conditions improve.

Bus service won’t be available Wednesday for students residing in Hanalei, Wainiha, and Haena who attend Kapaa Middle and High schools.

Kauai was under a flash flood warning for much of Tuesday. Hanalei River was overflowing with water streaming over Kuhio Highway. 

The highway remains closed in the vicinity of Hanalei Bridge. The convoy between Waikoko and Wainiha remains closed until further notice.

Residents on Aloha Place, Waihohonou Road, and part of Wailaau Road in Koloa were advised to evacuate the area as a safety precaution due to reports of rising stream levels.

“We’re also encouraging them to shelter in place for now as we continue to address the roadways, and bridges and rivers and streams,” Carvalho said.

Despite the heavy rain, Wendy Kawaguchi, owner of the Sueoka Store in Koloa, says she’s not worried yet.

“We’ve been here. We’ve seen it all and we’ve been lucky. So far the stream hasn’t flooded its banks. We keep going out and checking it, and it’s like three more feet before it crests, so we’re kind of okay,” Kawaguchi said.

Polihale State Park and the Marina, Kaumualii and Old Smithʻs Landing Sections of Wailua River State Park were closed due to heavy rains and flooding. No one should attempt to launch a vessel on the river until flooding recedes.

Haena State Park and the east end of Napali Coast State Wilderness Park, which were damaged during April’s historic floods, remain closed and are currently experiencing additional flooding. 

Residents are advised to report any damages that have resulted from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Lane, including recent flash flooding events. If your home was damaged, click here to fill out a damage assessment form. The information you provide may be used to determine whether or not certain federal aid is made available to residents of Kauai and the State of Hawaii.

Contact the Kauai Emergency Management Agency at (808) 241-1800 if you require assistance with the form.

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