Cleanup underway after hail, lightning, thunderstorms rock Hawaii island

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Severe weather brought hail, lightning, thunderstorms, and rain to Hawaii island Monday.

A Hawaii Electric Light Company spokeswoman says power outages affected about 13,000 customers.

Civil defense officials say many of the outages affected residents in Hilo and Puna.

“When (the storm) hit Puna, we started getting lightning strikes on different facilities, and then power lines going down, and we’re tracking down possibly some roofs being blown off houses,” said administrator Talmadge Magno.

Volunteers with the American Red Cross met with residents impacted by the fast-moving storm. The most severe damage occurred on Pohai Street in Hilo.

“Probably the most interesting thing that happened is the roof from one of these homes ended up on a roof two doors down, but they’re able to get a truck and pull it off without damaging their solar hot water heater,” said director of disaster services Debbie Weeks. “Because it happened when the rain was pouring down, the ceilings inside fell down into their homes, so it was pretty messy.”

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and residents worked fast to minimize the impact to their homes.

“They’re hanging out. Their neighbors are hanging out. They’re talking about what happened, and making plans on what they’re going to do next, and waiting for the electricity to come on and be able to go back into their homes and check things out,” Weeks said.

Pea-sized hail was also reported in Hawaiian Paradise Park.

Hilo International Airport received over an inch of rain in a one-hour period Monday afternoon. 

Although most of the thunderstorms have cleared, there was still lingering heavy rain Monday afternoon.

The threat of heavy rain should diminish into the early evening.

Drier weather is forecast to return to the islands for Tuesday and Wednesday.

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The American Red Cross shared the following photos of damage on Pohai Street in Hilo:

Pohai Street, Hilo

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