City won’t be paying for Kealoha’s attorney in civil case

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The City will not be paying for an attorney to defend retired Honolulu police chief Louis Kealoha in a civil suit involving his stolen mail box.

The Honolulu Police Commission voted unanimously Wednesday afternoon to deny Kealoha’s application for attorney’s fees.

Commission Chair Loretta Sheehan said, “The complaint filed by Gerard Puana did not contain factual allegations that Kealoha had performed acts in the performance of his duty as a police officer…but rather as a private citizen…so the city is not responsible to defend him.”

The decision came after Kealoha’s attorney Kevin Sumida argued, “I think that the presumption is, until it can be proven with absolute certainty that he will not be found to be acting in the performance of his duties, you have to defend at least for the time being.”

Just two weeks ago, Kealoha and his deputy prosecutor wife Katherine agreed to sell their Hawaii Kai home to help pay legal fees owed to Sumida. 

The couple’s criminal trial is scheduled to start in June.  Their civil case has been postponed until that’s over.

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