The city unveiled Tuesday a new transit smart card for use on TheBus and, in the future, Honolulu’s rail system.

Through Holo, riders are able to load money onto a transit card that can be tapped onto a reader upon boarding, eliminating the need for cash.

Officials say the new system will make transit safer and more convenient for the public.

“This has been the culmination of really four years of planning that we’ve done, and it’s been a great cooperative effort between many different agencies,” said Roger Morton, president and general manager of bus operator Oahu Transit Services. “One of the leading causes we have for problems with bus operators is fare altercations, and the experience of other cities is when you have a card like this, it depersonalizes it, takes it away from the driver and the customer.”

Readers will be installed in city buses starting in April.

A pilot period will commence in the summer and early fall to gather feedback from riders.

If your Holo card gets lost or stolen, officials say your money will be protected as long as your card is registered.

To get a discounted youth or senior card, you’ll need to visit a satellite city hall or Oahu Transit Services on Middle Street to show proof of your age.