City to test scheduling bulky trash pick-ups to solve illegal dumping problem


It’s a huge eyesore. Mountains of unwanted household items and other rubbish piled along roadsides. 

Curbside bulk trash dumping is an ongoing issue in many neighborhoods.

Alan and Bridget Greiner said that it’s a constant problem on their street.

“At night they come and people drop off a lot of stuff. It’s the day after when this gets picked up, you come by and I bet you there will be more stuff right there,” said Alan Greiner.

So how can we keep our sidewalks clear? Current monthly pick-ups aren’t working. So the city is implementing a new pilot project. They explained it at the recent Chinatown neighborhood board meeting. 

James Logue, chinatown neighborhood board: “(The city) wants to change it up. They want to do more of a sporadic thing. So if you have bulk trash to pick up, then you schedule it. And you schedule it for a specific time. So it’s not a set time every month,” James Logue explained. Logue is a member of the Chinatown neighborhood board.

Chu Lan Shubert-Kwock, chair of the Chinatown neighborhood board said that the city is implementing the bulky item pick up project to save money, save time and save the environment. But she and others not convinced that its going to work.

“I don’t know. Could they even handle it?” Bridget Greiner asked.

“I see the problem when you have 300 businesses that need bulk pick up plus people that are moving. people who are gutting and renovating. how many people get scheduled for 9:30? how many trucks do we have? so i think that’s why they’re doing a pilot project in one of the most busiest spots,” Logue said.

Alan Greiner said it doesn’t matter how or when the trash is picked up because that’s not the problem.

“I think they need to have more laws and standards. Like if I get somebody’s license for illegal dumping…will someone actually do something?” Greiner asked.

He said he wants the people who are doing the illegal dumping to be penalized.

Kwock said the pilot project should begin in May and will possibly run for 90 days in the Honolulu area. She also said that the city plans to do more advertising before the plan goes into effect. 

The bulky trash pick-up pilot project will be tested in Honolulu neighborhoods first. If it’s a success, it could become permanent and go into effect island wide. 

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