The Zoning and Housing Committee could vote today on a resolution urging the Mayor and city officials to include a new design concept in the ongoing environmental impact study of the Natatorium’s future.

If the city does not study this design, there’s a danger there will be no analysis of any viable, affordable preservation option. That would mean the only E.I.S. competition for the city plan to demolish the Natatorium would be conversion to something like a land-based swimming pool, with total enclosure, pumps, and filters.

No one on the preservation side favors conversion. It’s not feasible. It’s not affordable. It’s not necessary to achieving the real goals: preservation of the iconic, historically important state World War I memorial and restoration of a safe, healthy swim basin. It’s called resolution 16-311, and again the testimony is expected to get underway at one this afternoon.

What to do with the War Memorial has been a question for years. Those who want it torn down cite dangerous hazards of an outdated swimming pool with crumbling bleachers. And a large area of beachfront in Waikiki that is unable to be used.

The meeting happens once again at 1 this afternoon.