After a rash of vandalism at Oahu’s parks, the city is taking steps to prevent even more costly damage.

We told you a couple months ago that two surveillance cameras were installed at Ala Moana Beach Park.

We learned Wednesday that another park is about to get some of those cameras.

Sandy Beach in East Honolulu is popular, visited by locals and tourists alike, especially after President Obama was seen bodysurfing there.

But last month, it made the news after someone vandalized the men’s restroom, tearing out the sinks, breaking the drains, urinals, and toilet paper dispensers.

So Sandy Beach is the next city park getting security cameras. The city also plans on installing cameras at Kaiaka Bay Beach Park in Haleiwa.

“We hope the cameras will just scare people from doing anything wrong, but if they do anything wrong, we then have evidence to go after them,” said Department of Parks and Recreation director Michele Nekota.

In November, the city installed security cameras outside of two restrooms at Ala Moana Beach Park.

They’re recording around the clock so that if something happens, officials can look at the video and find out who’s responsible.

“It’s rough justice,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “I would like to put them everywhere. I think at some point we’ll have a lot of them in different places.”

Back in 2014, police installed two security cameras at Hans L’Orange Park in Waipahu. Unlike the ones installed at Ala Moana Beach Park, these also talk to trespassers.

“That when the park is closed would say, ‘The park is closed, leave immediately. We’re going to take your picture’ and then poof, your picture is taken,” Caldwell said.

The city tells us after the cameras were installed at Hans L’Orange Park, police reported a drop in vandalism in the park.

City officials believe security cameras are the solution.

“We’re putting our budget together that we will submit in March where we’re going to ask for additional funds to continue to roll out this effort,” Caldwell said. “I think it’s supported by members of the council, because it improved restrooms in their district.”

The city tells us there are also cameras set up at Makakilo Community Park that were paid for by the community. Residents said enough was enough to rampant crime and vandalism, especially at night.

They asked the city to install security cameras, and after being told no because there wasn’t enough money, the Palehua Community Association paid for the cameras after getting city approval. They’ve been up for more than two years, and residents say they’re working.

“It’s been a huge difference up here at the park and you can tell, before the cameras and after the cameras, and I think that’s why it’s been a relatively safe place for people to hang out in the afternoon and evening,” said association president Chris Pierce.

But the cameras didn’t completely eliminate crime. Just last month, vandals sprayed graffiti on the park’s recreation center and a van used by the staff.

In that case, the cameras couldn’t prevent crime, but the city tells us it helped with the police investigation.